There are less than four years left for the world to achieve the Millennium Development Goals – a series of ambitious commitments that countries made across the globe to reduce poverty, eliminate preventable disease and protect the earth’s environment by 2015. Given the urgency, SAMADHAN is a way for citizens in India to play a direct and active role in achieving the MDGs by demanding what their government has already promised them. The Government of India’s own targets in the 11th and upcoming 12th Five-Year Plan are even more ambitious than the MDGs. Many development schemes are in place to achieve them but there is a need for more efficient, accountable and transparent delivery of services. SAMADHAN aims to fill this gap.


         SAMADHAN is an internet-based platform primarily for citizens to directly demand and track their service entitlements under national and state government schemes. Your NREGA wage has not been fully paid, a mother has not received her Janani Suraksha Yojana money, an Anganwaadi worker is not opening the nutrition center everyday - citizens can take any such problem they are facing and send a simple text message, call in at a toll-free number or visit the District Collector’s Office to demand or file complaints through SAMADHAN. Once demands or complaints are registered, local administration will process the complaints and respond with appropriate action to resolve them. Citizens can track the status of their complaint through an ID number. After the government has taken action, a message is sent to the citizen requesting them to verify that the action has taken place.

         SAMADHAN is a multi-purpose system that will also allow civil society organizations, the government and media to use the data and information for analyzing and highlighting systemic challenges. Since the information on complaints will be in the public domain, they will be able to view it easily and in a user-friendly manner. SAMADHAN will be integrated with the government’s existing grievance mechanisms for speedy redressal. View the Demo Page for more details.

Where is SAMADHAN?

         SAMADHAN is being piloted in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh and Koraput District in Orissa.In Madhya Pradesh, a partnership has been formed between the Collector of Sehore District, Government of Madhya Pradesh, the civil society organization called Samarthan and local media and civil society networks. In Orissa, it is led by the Collector of Koraput District, Government of Orissa, civil society partners VSO India Trust and South Orissa Voluntary Action (SOVA), along with local media and civil society networks. The United Nations Millennium Campaign is an interagency initiative of the UN to support citizens in holding governments accountable for achievement of the MDGs. For more details on UNMC, please visit: In Kalahandi district of Odisha it is started in the Collectorate with the support of Collector and District administration, Kalahandi, Seba Jagat and VSO India.