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What does SAMADHAN mean to the government?

The Government of India’s ambitious development targets in the 11th Five Year Plan, and the Approach Paper to the 12th Five Year Plan are aligned with achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – a set of development targets which India has promised to achieve by 2015. A number of policies and flagship programmes are in place to reduce poverty and inequality and provide quality education and health services as well as infrastructure to improve people’s lives, and many government officials are directly and indirectly responsible for their implementation.

SAMADHAN is an internet-based tool to support the government in delivering the services to citizens in a more efficient, accountable and transparent manner. It enables two-way communications between the responsible government departments/officials and citizens and provides real-time feedback on the real situation of service delivery at the grassroots level which otherwise would have been difficult for the concerned departments to obtain and respond to in a timely manner. It also enhances accountability and transparency within the government as responsible government officials who are assigned as the focal point for SAMADHAN in their respective department are expected to provide updates on the progress in resolving each case, and citizens who have submitted the complaints can keep track of their own case and see the progress themselves.

In the medium- and long-term, SAMADHAN will also help the government identify persistent bottlenecks, systematic constraints and other outstanding issues by analyzing the data and information about the submitted complaints and the processes of resolving those issues.

How to use SAMADHAN